• The expected number of 14 randomised patients was exceeded in Phase III Peripheral Artery Disease clinical tail in Republican Panevezys Hospital and there are already 17 patients randomised

  • Phase II Beast Cancer oncological study was successfully completed in all three sites in Lithuania. One site (the National Cancer Institute) has contributed to 20% of all enrollment in Europe.

  • 1 patient has been randomised in Phase III Oncological Study conducted in Republican Panevezys Hospital

  • 1 patient has been randomised in Osteoarthritis Phase II study in Alytus District S. Kudirkos Hospital

About us

ProAktis is a Clinical Research Management Organization (CRMO) which manages administration of clinical trials conduct at public, municipal and private health care institutions in Lithuania as well as Belarus and Russia


We increase the efficiency in management of clinical trials via establishment of a single point of contact.
One contact for Sponsors, CROs, and Health Care Institutions.


Focus on separation of research and administrative work of clinical trials by allowing professionals to do what they can do best

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    Our mutual trustworthiness is built through direct communication with clients, provision of services and naturally by best manners

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    To avoid undue delays in the running of clinical trials we practice teamwork and direct communication

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    Step by step, by gaining trust, we become our Clients’ everyday partner in running clinical trials

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    Provision of services according to the established processes, procedures and safeguards

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    Due to our experience, we detect possible issues in advance and plan ahead to avoid them

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    We have the ability to overview implemented or occurred changes during the duration of clinical trials and ability to make required adjustments in short time